Welcome to Eternal Jamnation

This site is to document the journey of the Slice of Pi Club through the various iterations of bots that have competed in Pi Wars and to capture the trials and tribulations of producing our next bot, Eternal Jamnation II – Return of the Jammed.

To the left and to the right

Having decided that the bot chassis was going to be smaller than the previous robot, in an effort to make it more manoeuvrable, this means that we would need to mount our motors at 90 degrees to the wheels. This meant that we needed to look at creating a gear box that...

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Episode IV: A New Hope

After a period of will we / won't we, we just couldn't resist putting ourselves forward for another edition of Pi Wars. The application is in and if accepted it would be the clubs 4th entry to the competition. More in hope than expectation the planning of the new...

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Pi Wars 2018: Prize Time

Having stuck around for the prize giving ceremony at the end of the day, primarily as we were told that all teams would get a prize just for taking part, we had a few very pleasant surprises. Firstly, out of nowhere, we won the overall artistic merit prize for the...

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Pi Wars 2018: Over the Rainbow

A brand new challenge to Pi Wars and potentially the hardest they have ever had. Visual processing and distances in one challenge, Holy Cow Batman! We had been playing with some visual processing for a few years as we always tackled the line follower courses using a...

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Pi Wars 2018: Slightly Deranged Golf

We were glad to see that the monster hill of the course had gone this year. Especially considering that the previous bot fell off the top of it and the ball ran away from our golf attachment. The experience had taught us a few things including informing a redesign of...

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