Although we were confident with the duck shoot challenge, having left the bot in the car boot whilst we had a look around the competition on Saturday and the fact that the air conditioning in the building was broken on Sunday, things did not go according to plan on the day.

The heat over that weekend was crazy, so much so that the battery cover on the gun melted and sealed to the rest of the gun chassis. We had to prize it open with a screw driver and some brute force to access it!

We had to abort our first try at challenge as the gun refused to fire any darts. We returned to the pits to try and correct the issue and returned for another go.

The first four shots when we got going where spot on, even though it was difficult to see the laser dot on the course as it was so bright on the day. Unfortunately after the fourth shot it refused to shoot anymore. With time running out we went with a tactical switch to using the balls for the second and third runs just to ensure that we scored some points, with some mixed results.