The obstacle course. It was good to see a lot of the elements from the previous course still intact. I mean who doesn’t like driving round a shark! Having done a reccy of the course early morning and based on experience from the previous competition a plan was hatched.

The quickest way to get on and off the turntable was to drive on forward and reverse off so we thought we would do that. Also previously the loose paper had caused some issues by getting wedged between a wheel and the chassis so we thought we would exploit the shape of the robot and the code and run that stretch in reverse. This fitted in with the plan to come off the turntable in reverse and only needs a quick button combo to flip the controls. The two boxes that needed to be moved could also be tackled in reverse and then after the second box the plan was to flip the controls back to normal and carry on for the rest of the course.

So how did it work out? Mostly to plan but you may have noticed in the video below that after the second box the bot sits around a bit for a while not doing anything. Well that was down to human error and pressing the wrong button combination and rather than reversing the controls I took the bot back to the menu system!! I then had to re-launch the manual control program and then made the mistake of reversing the controls again, even though going to menu had reverted it back already.

Thankfully after that little mishap the rest of the course was completed without further major incident. Despite the dodgy driving we finished in 3rd place in the intermediate category.