Having stuck around for the prize giving ceremony at the end of the day, primarily as we were told that all teams would get a prize just for taking part, we had a few very pleasant surprises.

Firstly, out of nowhere, we won the overall artistic merit prize for the style of the robot. This was despite the fact that there were many, many amazing looking robots on the day. I think this was definitely helped by a Nerf gun that had been repainted to match the style of the bot and say Nerd on it and the use of Lego on top, cause who doesn’t like Lego!

Just as big a shock was the next prize that we won which was for the Over the Rainbow challenge in the Intermediate category. All along we had hoped for clean runs rather than fast runs and this paid off as we had 3 clean runs that got faster and faster each time. Having been the hardest challenge in the competition it brought the greatest satisfaction of all.

Lastly were the prizes for the overall scores in the Intermediate category. As they got to the top 5 teams and hadn’t yet said our bot’s name we thought there must have been some mistake! Eventually our bot’s name was read out as we finished a more than respectable third overall. For such a small team that mostly don’t work in electronics or programming we were extremely happy with that result.

No sooner had we stepped out of the building we were already plotting what the next iteration of the robot would be like and the possible upgrades we could make over this bot. Assuming of course that there would be a Pi Wars in 2019!